Asics Gel-Splyte Black/Graphite Grey

Available in store now and online June 20th at 12AM EST.

ASICS Gel Splyte

  • Based on the analysis of the movement of the skateboard, the insole is designed with different hardness between the inside and outside by providing punching holes, and the specification that promotes the inner center of gravity is adopted to improve the sense of stability on the board.
  • The upper is made of suede material and has three stitching on the toe and heel parts for durability.
  • The arrangement of the elastic band connecting the tongue and the insole reduces the misalignment of the shoe tongue, and the thicker tongue pursues comfortable wearing.
  • Referring to past archives, the authentic design is inherited, and the suede material enhances the classic silhouette.
  • Unique split overlapping tongue creates a secure collar around ankle